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Hi I am Mina Maher Samareed a professional Film Editor, Colorist  from Cairo, Egypt;

Based between Cairo and Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
with more than 10 years of experience in the media production field in Egypt and the Gulf Area

Will be delighted to take a creative role in your upcoming productions.   ​

My Services

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Film Editing 

My goal is to bring quality films to the audience where they can experience and feel the characters in the show. Part of this objective is to cut down violent shots, unnecessary movements and vague scenes. I have edited a wide variety of film shots from commercial, musical, documentries and production shows.               My over 10 years experience in film editing in many countries have strengthened my innate skills in editing shots, audio compression and scene & angle selection. with extensive experience in filmmaking and editing equipment.     

I am confident that i can produce coherent films that will truly convey the director’s vision.


Color Grading

As a colorist my role is to manipulate the  motion pictures in post-production process.

For every project i am trying to have the updated knowledge in the fields of creative and technical image manipulation and a sense for color trends and styles both current and historic. And sure i have a knowledge about film production workflows and the processes of the departments involved  production design, costume, makeup etc..

My goal is to achieve a magnificent look for each scene of the film.

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